Motorcycle MOT's in Norwich

We provide a warm clean place for you to view your bike's test via a video linked screen in our waiting area, located in our showroom, and we'll make you a cup of tea or coffee if you'd like one. Our MOT bay uses the latest specification equipment including a roller brake tester which weighs the bike and measures brake effort and fluctuation, and also a digital decelerometer for testing linked brake systems used on many modern motorcycles.


Solo Motorcycle


M'cycle & Sidecar


If the machine leaves the test station for repair and is returned within 10 working days, then a half fee is charged, after 10 days another full test is required attracting another full test fee.

If the machine is left with us to be repaired & retested, then we charge no retest fee.

Minor items:
Indicators - fuel cap - horn - lamps (excluding headlamp aim) - reflectors - number plates - seats - sharp edges or projections.

If the machine is returned by the end of the next working day, no additional fee will be charged

Any other case: Full retest
Appeal tests: Full fee

Whats included in the MOT

Condition, operation, security and correct colour of headlamp(s), rear lights, indicators and reflectors. Also the headlamp(s) will be checked to see if the aim is correct.

Condition, security and operation, including forks, mountings, controls, bearings etc.

Wheel condition and security, tyre condition, size/type and tread depth.

Free from cracks, damage, distortion or corrosion which is likely to affect the steering or brakes.

Condition, operation and performance (efficiency test). brake controls.

Complete, secure, and not too noisy.

Correct alignment of front and rear wheels.

Includes checks on; attachment, suspension, wheel bearings, wheel alignment, lights and tyres.

Condition and security of final drive, foot rests and seat.

Correct operation and the correct type.

Present, legible.