Specialised Services

Carburettor Cleaning in Norwich

This involves stripping carburettors of their internals and where necessary separating a bank of more than one carburettors, placing the parts in the ultrasonic tank and after finishing reassembly, including resetting to manufacturer's specifications. This is sometimes the only way to clean the minute drillings and passageways inside a carburettor body where air lines, probe tools etc. cannot reach. We use a proprietary cleaning fluid specially formulated for this task, and this coupled with the cavitation effect of the ultrasonic vibrations, ensures that internally and externally contamination is removed.

An electrical generator within the cleaning unit emits a high frequency signal. Transducers attached to the tank produce compression waves in the liquid, known as cavitation. During cavitation the liquid is torn apart forming vacuum cavities or bubbles, as each cavity collapses it produces pressures of 20,000 lb/in² at a temperature of 5,000°c - all on a microscopic scale. Millions of these bubbles are created and collapsed every second; the violence of this action is what produces the cleaning effect.

We will also if necessary replace any internal parts required to restore the carburettor(s) to good working order unless otherwise requested. We will of course at lesser cost ultrasonically clean previously dismantled carburettor parts for customers who do their own repairs.

Specialised Services

Motorcycle Diagnostics in Norwich

We are a TEXA Diagnostic Centre, using market leading diagnostic equipment we can read manufacturers fault codes, remove resolved fault codes and reset service lights, and our experienced technicians can inspect parameters that define system conditions and make recommendations relating to any incorrect or suspect results found.

If an engine shaped symbol, a warning triangle or a Fi light has appeared on your instrument panel and you don't know why then give us a call and let us take a look.

We can also program in new keys.

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