Servicing & Repairs

Motorcycle Servicing in Norwich

We conduct thorough routine services to suit manufacturers schedules or annual services as required, we will also perform any interim service a customer requires such as a simple oil change

Whats checked in the service
Spark plug(s) & Spark plug HT cap(s)
Engine/transmission oil & filter (4-Strokes)
Gearbox oil, two stroke oil and pump adjustment (2-Strokes)
Cooling systems
Drive chain (or Belt where fitted)
Variomatic drive, clutch shoes, kick-starter mechanism (scooters)
Final drive oil level/condition (shaft drive and scooter transmission)
Air filter element(s)
Carburettor synchronisation (multi-cylinder) and Idle and fuel mixture adjustments
Valve clearances (Optional depending on mileage/condition/requirements)
Disc Brakes - Brake caliper(s) strip/clean/lubricate
Drum brakes inspect/adjust/lubricate
Electronic brake fluid check
Control lever, brake pedal, footrest and suspension pivots
Electrical system (lights, horn, indicators, battery fluid, etc)
Tyre pressures, wheels, tyres, and valve stems
Winter services can include an application of Scottoiler FS365 corrosion inhibitor if requested at a small additional cost. (Recommended)
motorcycle servicing
Servicing & Repairs

Motorcycle Repairs in Norwich

We perform all general motorcycle repairs, overhauls, fault finding, adjustments, mechanical, electrical and otherwise. Get in touch with ABC Motorcycles today to see if we can repair your item.

What do We Repair?
Control cables - lubrication, repair or replacement
Drive chains & sprockets (and chain link riveting)
Belt drive system components - belts, variators, rollers weights & centrifugal clutches
Carburettor overhauls and/or synchronisation
Clutches - friction plates & springs
Crankshaft rebuilds (via a trusted engineer)
Electrical connectors and sleeves (Japanese w-crimp type, not those nasty plastic coated ones)
Exhausts - replacement or repairs such as silencer re-packing, welding and re-riveting
Fasteners - removal of damaged or seized and replacement of incorrect ones
Levers, pedals and footrests
Pistons and rings, new cylinder kits and cylinder re-boring (via trusted engineer)
Radiators, thermostats, pressure caps and water pump overhauls
Replacement of engine gaskets and seals
Steering head bearings (ball or taper-roller)
Suspension seals, bushes, pivot bearings, fluids etc.
Tyres, tubes, valves and rim tapes
motorcycle repairs